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Best Practices Advisory Board

The Best Practices Advisory Board (BPAB) is a group of seasoned economic development professionals that are willing to respond to survey questions on a variety of topics for the benefit of all interested practitioners.

CLICK HERE for a BPAB Program Overview.


  • Provide experienced feedback to practicing E.D. professionals
  • Summarize the feedback in an easily understood format

BPAB Member Qualifications

  • Approximately ten (10) years experience in E.D.
  • Several years  in the Director role
  • A willingness to respond to periodic one-minute surveys


  • Surveys are infrequent and take less than one minute to execute
  • Responses are confidential and compiled anonymously
  • Participants are able to see the accumulated responses upon completion of the survey

Survey Topics

Although there really are no limits to the variety of questions the BPAB might address, following are anticipated topics:

  • Administration and management, personnel
  • Board management, training
  • Budgeting, finance, reserves
  • Marketing & promotion
  • Programs, responsibilities, BRE
  • Training, education


Following are summary responses to questions asked:

  • 2018-00-00: Coming soon!