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EDP Best Practices, LLC provides Economic Development and Planning services to Municipalities and Economic Development Organizations throughout Texas. 

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself and EDP Best Practices, LLC.  Prior to establishing EDP Best Practices, LLC in 2013, I spent over 22 years as Planning / Economic Development Director with a growing municipality in the DFW region.  My in-the-trenches experience in both economic development and planning is the basis for my practical approach to providing services for my clients.

Experience, services, and clients:

Major areas of service:

As described in the links above, I am an experienced practitioner with industry-recognized credentials and an analytical mindset.  My practice has provided professional economic development and planning services to municipalities and economic development organizations throughout the greater DFW region as well as locations all over Texas.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss how my operational approach to economic development could assist with policies, programs and plans to help your EDO meet its goals and objectives.


Greg Last, CEO,  (817) 992-6156