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Board Retreat Facilitation

Facilitate a discussion with Board Members to evaluate existing programs, identify new programs, establish and prioritize goals and objectives and summarize all information.

Problem Identification

  • Changes in Staff, management or Board Members may be an opportunity to fine tune the Agency’s direction
  • It has been some time since programs have been evaluated
  • The Agency is trying to implement too many programs for the budget / resources / staff available
  • Board Members do not have a clear understanding of their roles & responsibilities, Agency processes, etc.

Service Goals

  • Distribute pre-meeting requests for information from the Board and compile for discussion during the meeting
  • Facilitate a discussion with the Board sufficient to work through issues and challenges and set a direction for moving forward
  • Prepare a Summary Report of the findings


  • A Summary Report including all the pre-meeting findings and results of the Board retreat facilitation

Service Profile

  • Contact us for a one-page Service Profile.