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Business Park Marketing

Prepare a marketing document summarizing all aspects of a Business Park to allow for quick responses to prospect opportunities.

Problem Identification

  • Currently information on the Business Park is in multiple documents, multiple formats, or not readily available
  • There is no ready-made template to allow for quick responses to identified opportunities
  • All due-diligence aspects of the BP have not been identified and summarized both graphically and with data or links
  • Prospects are frustrated with the time they must spend researching and preparing a basic due-diligence summary
  • Inadequate information is available for the BP on the website

Service Goals

  • Prepare a professional document in MS Publisher that identifies and graphically represents available due-diligence factors on a property: Location maps, aerials, surveys, plats, concept / site plans, lot sizes, existing zoning, Future Land Use Plan, water, sewer, streets, rail, topography, drainage, floodplain / floodway, soils, existing tenants, etc.


  • An original Microsoft Publisher document that allows for tailoring a proposal to the needs of a prospect
  • If desired / needed, brief training on MS Publisher to allow the client to update the document as needed