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Business Retention & Expansion

Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) programs are the most critical economic development programs implemented by a community. These programs support existing businesses and help them grow. The programs garner support from existing businesses who can then help develop and implement other programs. Existing businesses are frequently important tax payers, major employers, and supporters of broader community enhancement programs. Business Retention & Expansion programs help make business leaders feel good about their contributions to the community, and increase the likelihood that they will stay and hopefully grow with the community.

Following are Business Retention and Expansion services offered by EDP Best Practices, LLC:

BRE Programs Overview: Provide an informal overview of various ways to support existing businesses and implement Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) programs.

BRE Program Development: Develop a Business Retention & Expansion plan emphasizing practical efforts and programs supporting existing businesses.

BRE Resources: These Business Retention & Expansion resources and examples represent best practices from Agencies large to small.