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BRE Plan and Program Development

Assist with the development of a Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) Plan and Program emphasizing practical efforts and programs supporting existing businesses.

Problem Identification

  • Existing businesses feel like they are being ignored and the Agency spends all its efforts trying to attract new businesses
  • All incentives offered by the Agency are for new businesses and none for growth of existing businesses
  • There is no personal relationship between business leaders and Agency representatives
  • The Agency desires to identify and assist with the challenges being faced by local businesses

Service Goals

  • Identify realistic BRE program goals and objectives that can be implemented by available staff or resources
  • Business Surveys: If desired, implement surveys of existing businesses to identify issues
  • Visitation Program: If desired, implement a visitation program allowing for face-to-face discussions with business leaders


  • A BRE Plan summarizing issues identified in the discovery stage, and recommended programs
  • Business information gathering forms
  • Visitation Form and Follow-up Form in Word format
  • Business data summaries to accommodate web posting