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Business Surveys

Assist with the development, distribution and reporting of on-line surveys soliciting feedback from local businesses. Example topics: BRE, New Businesses, Closed Businesses and Public Safety.

Problem Identification

  • Information / feedback is needed from businesses on any variety of topics
  • An anonymous process is needed to ensure candid feedback

Service Goals

  • Identify the information desired from the target group
  • Prepare questions for approval / modification by Agency
  • Establish an on-line survey [Survey Monkey] and provide the Agency a link for their distribution to target businesses or placement on their website
  • Compile results into an easily understood format
  • Present the findings to the Agency staff or Policy Board


  • A PowerPoint presentation summarizing all survey responses utilizing charts, graphs and text narrative as needed


  • Questions would be tailored to the unique setting of the Agency
  • Agency would need to have the ability to email the survey link to those that they want to provide responses

Example Questions

  • [BRE] To what extent would you or your employees benefit from training in the following areas?
  • [New Biz] Describe your satisfaction with the following “New Business” resources offered by the Agency.
  • [Closing] To what extent did the following contribute to the closing of your business?
  • [Safety] Please express your level of interest in the following Public Safety presentation topics.

Service Profile