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Visitation Program Development

Assist in the development of a BRE Visitation Program including all necessary forms and processes.

Problem Identification

  • There is currently no formal program for engaging existing local businesses through periodic structured visitations
  • Existing businesses feel like they are being ignored and the Agency spends all its efforts trying to attract new businesses
  • The Agency desires to identify and assist with any challenges being faced by local businesses

Service Goals

  • Identify the goals and objectives of the visitation program
  • Develop forms adequate to collect desired information and facilitate a structured visitation and follow-up reporting
  • Develop a system for identifying and tracking issues identified through the visitation program
  • Develop questions adequate to engage the business and obtain desired information


  • Forms adequate for collecting business information, executing an effective visitation, documenting the visit, and providing for follow-up tracking of identified issues

Service Profile