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Client Testimonials

“Greg provides unique services based on a wealth of in-depth knowledge and experience with cities and economic development organizations.  His talents as a planner, developer, Landscape Architect, marketer and organizer (…seriously) and management professional perfectly align to provide well thought out, executable strategies.  I  engaged Greg’s services for an industrial park layout and CCR’s, retail referral, and business expansion project.  For a minimal fee we received more positive executable advice than I could have ever hoped for, and with Greg’s knowledge and skill for delivering just what you need at a reasonable price, we fully expect to continue our relationship.”

Gerri Lawing, Economic Development Coordinator
Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative

“Mount Pleasant EDC has had Greg Last and EDP Best Practices on retainer for a number of years. Greg is a reliable and knowledgeable consultant who can quickly comprehend a multi-faceted and technical economic development issue, then encapsulate and restate the issue to stakeholders in agreements or marketing materials. Greg can be trusted to join me on a call with a client and act as our representative throughout the solution process as a trusted and rare economic development resource partner.”

Nathan Tafoya, CEcD, Executive Director
Mount Pleasant Economic Development Corp.

“TexAmericas Center is a State of Texas Local Redevelopment Authority.  We were engaged in multiple active attraction projects, lease renewals and tenant expansions.  We found ourselves short-staffed and in need of a response template capable of integrating federal, state and local incentive information as we were short-listed for a large industrial project.  With a near impossible timeline and no prior experience with our organization or the Texarkana region, Mr. Last quickly made himself an expert on our property, capabilities and region.  From the first draft, we knew we had selected the right vendor for this project.  We will use EDP Best Practices, LLC again to assist on other projects where his knowledge, skills and abilities can be leveraged to help TexAmericas Center fulfill its mission to create 12,000 jobs on our 12,000 acres.”

        Eric Voyles, Chief Economic Development Officer
        TexAmericas Center, Texarkana, Texas

“We have engaged EDP Best Practices on a number of projects over several years; Traffic Count studies, Local Incentives Training for EDC / CDC boards, and a Property Enhancement Policy.  Greg is exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and true to his word.  He provides nothing but top-notch quality work.  I highly recommend EDP Best Practices to any Economic Development Organization.”

Shani Bradshaw, Executive Director
Justin, Texas – EDC and CDC

“FEDC was in need of a RFP Response Template to organize critical information needed to respond to prospects and consultants. Greg not only provided a great template, but showed our staff how to keep it updated and use it effectively.”

David Fowler, President
Fairfield, Texas – Economic Development Corporation

“Jacksboro EDC has partnered with Greg Last, EDP Best Practices, for over two years. This very productive association completed multiple projects including our Property Enhancement Policy and Matching Grant, Available Land Summary, multiple marketing flyers, and RFP Response Template.  Greg is always responsive and helpful and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is second to none.  JEDC is a one person office, but with Greg’s expertise we are able to perform and compete with larger communities.  We look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.”

Lynda Pack, PCED, BREP, Executive Director
Jacksboro, Texas – Economic Development Corporation

“The Town of Cross Roads has had the opportunity to work with Greg several times over the past few years.  Without fail, Greg has provided us with incredible insight, guidance, and information.  The finished products always exceed our expectations.  I have recommended him to several other entities knowing they will benefit from his services.”

Becky Ross, Town Administrator / Planning Director
Cross Roads, Texas

“We retained EDP Best Practices to engage an ambitious Board and develop an Action Plan formalizing realistic goals and objectives for achieving sustainable success.  Greg effectively communicated with Board members and Staff while developing a plan of action that our community needed.  I highly recommend EDP Best Practices to help Economic Development Organizations meet their goals.”

Kevin Holzbog, Executive Director
Bridgeport, Texas 

“Our biggest industry was thinking about expansion either overseas or locally and wanted to consider a proposal from us.  We engaged Greg to help us prepare our proposal due to his knowledge of incentives and agreements.  The Council and EDC came together and ultimately we were awarded a $50M expansion for our largest industry.  Greg was an important part of Team Gonzales!”

Genora Young, President & CEO
Gonzales, Texas – Economic Development Corporation

“Greg has many years of planning and economic development experience. He couples his wealth of technical knowledge with common sense to complete high-quality projects with practical and effective solutions.”

Mike Collins, Director of Planning & Econ. Development
Euless, Texas

“Greg provided a great Building Improvement Grant Program policy and application for us.  We did only one marketing effort in January for the program and it has been a constant stream of applications.  Just eight months later we have approved EIGHT grants, FIVE of which are now completed!  That means that for the City’s investment of $35,935 in matching funds, we’ve been able to secure over $116,138 in added investment in our commercial properties, an approximate 223% return on our investment!  In my opinion the policy works so well because it includes infrastructure enhancements on top of regular façade improvements, causing property owners to really take interest!  Businesses are repairing parking lots, HVAC systems, loading docks, irrigation problems, drainage concerns, insulation installation, roofs, as well as the more traditional façade upgrades such as repainting, fixing broken windows, and signage.  I’ve seen so many of these kinds of programs flounder or become cumbersome but you’ve given us a simple and impactful solution that is working.   I’m thrilled and so is my Council.  THANK YOU.”

        Alora Wachholz, Director of Economic Development
        Saginaw, Texas

“The City of Boyd’s Municipal Development District recently engaged Greg Last with EDP Best Practices, to provide our MDD Board Members, City Council and City Staff with training on Economic Development, Incentives, Business Retention and much more. Greg brings a wealth of experience in these areas and his presentations are engaging and foster attendee participation.  Our community is growing, and having the information that Greg provides will assist us in developing our Economic Development Program as commercial development expands to our area.  I highly recommend Greg for training or consulting on all things Economic Development.”

        Greg Arrington, City Administrator
        Boyd, Texas