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Economic Development Incentives are a significant tool to use in the retention and attraction of businesses to the community. Incentives can “close the deal” after all the handshaking and tours are complete, and the questions are answered. Businesses have grown to expect financial incentives as a part of the program and it is important for a community to have a good grasp on what they can and should offer. Incentives should be grounded in policies that are consistent and can withstand changes in political environments.

Following are Economic Development Incentive services offered by EDP Best Practices, LLC:

Training – Local Incentives Overview:  An informal overview of various potential local incentives, how they are authorized, identified, and incorporated into incentive agreements.

Incentives Policy Development:  Develop a comprehensive Incentives Policy including all potential local incentives, administrative procedures, performance agreement requirements, a resolution for approval and a matching application.

Negotiations – Analysis – AgreementsAssist with the negotiations, analysis, Agreement in Principle, and final agreements mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Property Enhancement Incentives Policy:  Develop a Property Enhancement Incentives Policy (PEIP) including all potential incentives, administrative procedures, performance agreement requirements, a resolution for approval and a matching application.

Hotel Occupancy Tax PolicyDevelop a comprehensive Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Policy providing requirements and procedures to evaluate and approve any HOT Funds appropriate to promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry.

Incentive ResourcesThese incentive resources and examples represent best practices from Agencies large to small.