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Incentives Tracker

Summarize the incentive agreements of the Agency in a brief document that is easily understood and searchable.

Problem Identification

  • The Board does not have an easy way to understand what the Agency has done in the past related to incentives
  • Staff does not have time to prepare individual summaries of past incentive agreements
  • The enforcement or monitoring staff do not have an easy tool to assist in monitoring the compliance of the prospect

Service Goals

  • Identify the Incentive Agreements that need to be summarized
  • Identify any unique data aspects that the Agency desires to include in the Tracker Matrix
  • Identify the documents adopting the Incentive Agreements and any amendments approved since original adoption
  • Develop a document that Staff can updated in the future as additional Incentive Agreements are approved


  • A Word file summarizing the critical aspects of all Incentive Agreements identified by the Agency


  • The intent of this service is to identify high-level criteria for each Agreement, not to itemize every detail