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Incentive Negotiations – Analysis – Agreements

Assist with the negotiations, analysis, Agreement in Principle, and final agreements mutually agreed upon by both parties.

Problem Identification

  • A business or developer has asked for incentives but there is not a well-defined process for evaluation
  • Staff does not have time or resources to perform desired analysis, prepare evaluation options for Board / Council, or to document incentive negotiations
  • Both parties desire to make a deal happen but need assistance in formalizing an agreement
  • The Agency may just need another set of eyes to look after their best interests in the preparation or review of incentive documents

Service Goals / Deliverables

  • Negotiations:
    • Discuss with both parties the aspects of incentives that they think are most important or willing to provide
    • Identify performance requirements in order to qualify for the incentives
  • Analysis:
    • Identify sources of revenue [e.g. taxes, fees, exactions] that may be used to provide the incentives
    • Prepare any needed revenue analysis, evaluation forms, etc. for consideration by Board / Council
  • Agreements:
    • Prepare an Agreement in Principle outlining the “deal points” for both parties
    • Prepare the desired Chapter 380 or Tax Abatement Agreements
    • Utilize redline / strikeout format to clearly show revisions during negotiations
    • Prepare Resolution for adoption of agreement(s)