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Property Enhancement Incentives Policy

Develop an Incentives Policy that provides matching-grant incentives for enhancements to private commercial properties.  Can also include residential properties if desired.

Problem Identification

  • The Community’s appeal to prospective businesses is diminished by commercial properties that are dilapidated or need some assistance funding improvements
  • Existing businesses feel that the Agency / Community spends more resources attracting new businesses than supporting existing businesses

Service Goals

  • Identify the concerns of the Community and programs that would help resolve these concerns
  • Develop requirements, evaluation criteria, participation criteria, and procedures to implement the desired programs


  • A Resolution adopting the Policy
  • A Policy summarizing the incentive programs as noted above
  • An application sufficient to implement the Policy

Example Property Enhancement Programs

Following are examples of potential enhancements to the property.

  • Facade: Paint, brick / stone, awnings, lighting, windows
  • Landscaping:  Tree planting, new plants, irrigation, renovated lawn
  • Signage Replacement: Changes to lighting, removing poles / installing monuments, brick / stone structures, better locations
  • Driveway: Removal of a drive, repaving, new turning radii, shared drive location
  • Parking: New pavement, lighting, landscaping, irrigation, screening


City of Keller Summary of Property Enhancement Projects – An outstanding overview of several projects that benefited from Keller’s Façade Improvement Policy.

Following are Case Studies of various Property Enhancement Programs. Each provides a unique approach to solving real-world challenges while meeting agency objectives. The Case Studies include program highlights, regulatory aspects, benefits of the program, lessons learned, project examples, and details and photos of a particular project.