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Management & Reporting

Management and Reporting for Economic Development Agencies is often as important as the programs implemented by the Agency. “Telling the story” about successes of the Agency should be a part of everyday administration. Efficiency in administrative functions can lead to a more productive Agency. Ongoing evaluation and fine-tuning of programs ensures that programs are valuable and are addressing contemporary issues. Finally, the reporting of economic development activities to the Board / Council ensures their understanding and support for ongoing programs.

Following are Management and Reporting services offered by EDP Best Practices, LLC:

Best Practices Advisory Board:  The Best Practices Advisory Board (BPAB) is a group of seasoned economic development professionals that are willing to respond to survey questions on a variety of topics for the benefit of all interested practitioners.

Best Practices Assessment:  Provide a comprehensive professional evaluation of the Economic Development Organization (EDO) including prioritized recommendations for enhanced effectiveness.

Operations Dashboard:  Develop a Dashboard that provides for efficient operations tracking, budgeting and reporting.

Contacts Database:  Prepare an Access-based database that can be used to manage all contacts, communication records, follow-ups and necessary group lists.

Common File Directory OrganizationOrganize the shared file directory structure and establish efficient file naming nomenclature.

Management ResourcesThis page provides management and reporting and examples represent best practices from Agencies large to small.