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Common File Directory Organization

Organize the common file directory structure of the Agency enhancing ease of access to all files, increasing efficiency, and reducing file storage size

Problem Identification

  • Staff have files stored in personal “silos”
  • Difficulty immediately finding desired files
  • Files stored in local directories that are not backed up
  • Files stored in more than one location
  • Some directories and sub-directories have the same name
  • No standard file naming nomenclature to ensure document evolution
  • Excessive storage needed due to files being stored permanently that should be in temporary “junk” directories

Service Goals

  • Memorialize existing directory structure
  • Based on needs identified by Staff, develop a structural outline of the desired common directory using a minimum of “primary” directories
  • Do not delete any file currently stored by the organization
  • Establish approved structure on a common drive
  • Advise staff on the procedures to move files to the new common structure
  • Establish standard file-naming nomenclature for frequently used files


  • The new directory structure stored on a common drive
  • A PPT summary of the process and recommendations for maintenance of the common directory structure and a standard file naming nomenclature