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Policies & Procedures

Develop or update policies and / or procedures to meet the desires of the Agency.

Problem Identification

  • Policies or procedures have not been “scrubbed” in years
  • Topics are not efficiently organized
  • Issues frequently identified that are not addressed in the policy
  • Documents do not reflect actual practice
  • New policies are desired but staff does not have time to develop

Service Goals

  • Develop an logical outline of all areas to be addressed
  • Provide text based on research of best practices
  • Provide for draft review and update by the Board / Staff
  • Accommodate review by the Agency’s legal counsel


  • A Word version of the updated / new policy
  • A Resolution for adoption by the Policy Board

Example Policies & Procedures

  • Confidentiality
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Ethics / Code of Conduct
  • Incentives Policy [see Incentive Policy Development]
  • Hotel Tax Use Policy
  • Community Event Participation Policy