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Planning & Economic Analysis

The regulatory aspects of planning often conflict with the desired development of critical properties.  It is important to look at a property from a balanced perspective, providing for good planning, quality standards, and economic benefits.

The CEO of EDP Best Practices is a Texas Registered Landscape Architect (RLA) and nationally certified planner (AICP) as well as a national Certified Economic Developer (CED).  These qualifications, combined with many years of experience, brings this balanced perspective to unique properties important to a community.

Planning & Economic Analysis: Evaluate unique areas for opportunities that could be economically optimized by the appropriate planning programs.  Planning and Economic Development are critically linked, each contributing to the success or failure of the other.   It is important to evaluate challenges and opportunities while looking through glasses that include a planning lens and an economic development lens in order to have a balanced perspective.

Redevelopment Plan: Evaluate opportunities for redevelopment of multiple sites or a single site and provide analysis including due diligence, planning analysis and recommendations for potential  redevelopment.

Wayfinding Plan: Identify desirable destinations in a Community and develop a Wayfinding Plan guiding visitors to those destinations.

Planning Resources: These planning & economic analysis resources and examples represent best practices from agencies large to small.