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“Outside Eye” Review

Staff desires an outsider’s review of a document, project, program, presentation, incentive negotiation or any other issue that is being developed or under scrutiny.  The recommendations provided are candid and intended to help staff polish the item.

Problem Identification

  • Staff is getting conflicting directions on an item and wants another perspective
  • Staff has worked on a document so long they can no longer see the details

Service Goals

  • Review documents and provide written feedback and recommendations
  • Discuss any programs or processes with Staff and work towards improvements
  • Look for high-level logic for the flow of information
  • Review for typos, wording, technical correctness


  • Review is usually provided on a PDF so that staff can review and make edits easily
  • For programs and procedures, a written summary is provided, or just discuss ways to implement changes


  • Review of Prospect proposals or RFP responses
  • Review of PPT Presentations
  • Discussion on incentive negotiations
  • Review organizational structure of Strategic Plans or Work Plans