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Redevelopment Plan

Evaluate opportunities for redevelopment of multiple sites or a single site and provide analysis including due diligence, planning analysis and recommendations for potential  redevelopment.

Problem Identification

  • The community is mature and there are limited or no opportunities for greenfield development
  • Developers will not invest the time necessary to perform due diligence on all development issues related to the site
  • Ownership of properties do not see any merit in marketing their properties for redevelopment

Service Goals

  • Evaluate the community for potential redevelopment opportunities
  • Perform typical site development due diligence, summarize and represent graphically in findings
  • Provide analysis of redevelopment opportunities
  • Summarize recommendations both in text and graphically for the property


  • A Summary Report including discovery, due diligence, analysis and recommendations for redevelopment of multiple properties or a single property