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Planning & Economic Analysis

Evaluate unique areas for opportunities that could be economically optimized by the appropriate planning programs.  Planning and Economic Development are critically linked, each contributing to the success or failure of the other.   It is important to evaluate challenges and opportunities while looking through glasses that include a planning lens and an economic development lens in order to have a balanced perspective.

Problem Identification

  • A multi-disciplinary approach is desired to evaluate existing and future land uses for unique properties
  • The Agency is looking for an outside opinion on opportunities in an area

Service Goals

  • Identify the study area and its characteristics
  • Evaluate existing or proposed land uses and their economic benefits
  • Develop recommendations balancing land use and economic opportunities
  • Prepare a report that can be used to market opportunities for development or redevelopment


  • A pdf document summarizing the research, analysis and recommendations for the study area


  • Analysis looks at existing land uses, potential land uses, the economic tax impact of land uses, infrastructure to support development opportunities