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Training & Resources

Training Programs:  Provides an overview of various training modules for EDO Board Members and / or Staff.  These are often presented concurrently to A, B, MDD Boards with City Council as well.

Following are Economic Development resources to help you with your day to day practice.  Please let us know if you are aware of other resources that should be added to these pages.

EDP Newsletter – RESOURCES Edition:  All of the resources on the EDP website linked from one pdf document.

Statutes & Codes: This page provides links to statutes and codes that authorize or regulate Economic Development organizations and activities.

A-B-MDD Projects: These resources are intended to help understand the projects authorized by the Type A and Type B Development Corporations and Municipal Development Districts.

Economic Development Organizations: This resource provides links to several organizations that are either active in economic development in Texas, or provide venues for economic development marketing.

Economic Development Terms-Acronyms: This Summary was prepared originally as a study-guide for passing the Certified Economic Developer exam. It has grown into a good resource for board members and staff, as well as those desiring to study for the certification exam.

General E.D. Resources: This page provides links to general economic development resources.