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Training Programs

The following are comprehensive training modules for EDO Board Members and / or Staff.  These are often presented concurrently to A, B, and / or MDD Boards with City Council as well.

“Basic Stuff” Training Modules

The “Basic Stuff” training series is intended to provide introductory level knowledge about a particular topic, or as an economic development foundation (i.e. you should really know this).

  • Introduction to Economic Development: An introductory overview of all aspects of implementing an efficient and productive Economic Development program for any size jurisdiction. (Board / Staff)
  • Development & Incentives ProcessAn overview of the development process and players, how the Economic Development Organization fits, and who’s responsible for what incentives. (Board / Staff)
  • Local Incentives Overview An informal overview of various potential local incentives, how they are authorized, identified, and incorporated into incentive agreements. (Board / Staff)
  • Everything an Economic Developer should know about Planning & Development:  A comprehensive overview of Comprehensive Plan components; resources impacting development; basic planning, development and engineering terms; planning and development processes. (Staff)

Advanced Training Modules

These modules are intended for Boards / Staff that have had some experience and are looking for ways to fine-tune certain programs or enhance skill sets.

  • BRE Programs Overview Provide a comprehensive presentation highlighting a variety of BRE programs from simple to complex.  Discuss with the Board and Staff which programs might be a best fit at this time and ways to implement the programs with current resources. (Board / Staff)
  • Incentive Policies – Analysis – AgreementsAn informal overview of incentive policies, analysis of incentive proposals, and writing comprehensive incentive agreements. (Board / Staff)

Typical Format

  • PPT presentation with informal discussion
  • 1.5 hours +/-