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Service Agreement Options

EDT Best Practices, LLC is proud to provide a variety of Economic Development services to Municipalities and Economic Development Organizations. We always structure our Service Agreements to best accommodate the client’s needs. Following are the most frequent formats for Service Agreements, but let us know if you have something else in mind. We look forward to serving your needs.

Retainer Service Agreement

  • Several projects / services to pursue over time
  • Mixes ongoing requests for assistance with longer-term pursuit of projects
  • Monthly allocations preferred over project-by-project approach
  • Services prioritized by the Agency Director
  • Agreed upon monthly charge based on hours to be allocated per month

Standby Service Agreement

  • Generally no particular project in mind
  • Services only at the request of the Agency Director
  • Consistent, though intermittent request for services
  • Services requested typically short-term: e.g. review a document, critique a proposal, trouble-shoot an idea
  • Agreed upon hourly rate and basic contract relationship established by Agreement

Project-Based Service Agreement

  • Agency desires particular services or project-related services
  • Scope of work for Consultant and Agency defined
  • Process and deliverables defined
  • Costs defined by hourly rate and / or not-to-exceed amount
  • Agreement expires after completion