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EDO Website Enhancements

Provide a comprehensive review and prioritized recommendations for the development, updating, or renovation of the EDO website.

Problem Identification

  • The EDO website is significantly outdated as to graphic appeal, organizational structure and / or content
  • The website is ineffective as a 24-7-365 marketing tool
  • Users express frustration with the current website

Service Goals

Services are almost always unique to the client, based on their current situation, capabilities, budget, competition, staff resources, etc.

  • Emphasis is more on organizational structure and content than “flash” and graphic design
  • Emphasis on targeted users more than internal users

Review & Recommendations

Provide a comprehensive review of the existing EDO website including prioritized recommendations based on best practices cited in other EDO websites.  The review would be comprehensive and include the following:

  • Organization: Develop an structural outline including desired content for the enhanced website. Understand the hierarchy of need, and the associated nature of desired content.  Stretch your logic to reduce the number of buttons while increasing the information to be accessed.
  • Content Development: Assist in the identification and development of content desired for the website.
  • Identification of Preferences: Using examples of EDO websites from across the State, identify the client’s preferences as it relates to many website factors.
    • Iconic images vs. content ease of access
    • Report Builders: How do you want to assist the user with the collection of your information?
    • HTML text vs. downloads?
  • Graphic Representation: I am not a graphic expert and I do not offer graphic design or website layout as a service.  I do believe that there are definitely graphic “distractions” and “irritants” on many EDO websites. Develop a desired conceptual layout and primary pages including layout of content.

Example Economic Development Websites

  • Economic Development Websites: Print-screen examples of 65+ ED websites with links to sites (This file is a 6M pdf file and may take several minutes to download)